The Misadventures of Spiky
Jennifer aston foliagediorama

A collection of the foliage and props I made for the game.

Jennifer aston aspentrees

Aspen trees

Jennifer aston spiky

The little rascal - Spiky

Jennifer aston screenshot001 unreal

In-Game Screenshot

Jennifer aston screenshot002 unreal

In-Game Screenshot

Jennifer aston screenshot003 unreal

In-Game Screenshot


This is one of the game projects I was part of during my time in school (2018).
We developed the game in 4 weeks + 1 week pre-production where the idea took shape.

My role: Lead Art & Environment Artist

In the beginning of the project I wrote a style guide to help everyone stay on track.

During the project I mainly created foliage and environment pieces and did some set dressing of the different sections of the game.
The biggest challenge was the lighting due to my almost non-existent experience in the subject. But through team effort we landed with a setting we all were happy with.

The textures are very simple. Flat colors and RGB-maps. We used the RGB-maps for the foliage together with material functions in the engine to easy change the colors as we worked.

If you want to play the game you can download it here:

It takes between 10-15 minutes to play. Enjoy!