Steam Punk Taxi
Jennifer aston spt pres01
Jennifer aston spt pres02


Jennifer aston spt pres05
Jennifer aston spt pres04
Jennifer aston spt pres03

I started to work on this model during a hard surface course & a texturing course that followed last year. When I started I wasn't that comfortable with ZBrush and I had never used Substance Painter. I am happy to see that I have developed since then.

Original Concept: Morten Skaalvik
This project is a remake of a model I made in the beginning of my first semester in school. I've learned a lot since then and wanted to redo the textures with my gained knowledge.

When I created the model last year I had never opened Substance Painter before and I wasn't that comfortable with ZBrush.

Now, I feel more comfortable overall and you can see my development in the last picture here.

This is what I remade:
- Turned two 2k texture sets into one big 4k
- Sculpted details in Zbrush, which resulted in more detailed texture maps
- Baked in Marmoset Toolbag 3 instead of xNormal
- Used my gained knowledge in Substance Painter to make a better looking model