Forest Ruins
Jennifer aston finalpres00
Jennifer aston finalpres01
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Jennifer aston materials

Tiling materials. The stones are sculpted in ZBrush and the Moss/Grass are made in Substance Designer.

Jennifer aston tilingstonesmoss

I'm using a material shader, allowing me to decide how much moss will be covering the stones. I can also vertex paint the moss on the objects for more variations in the environment.

Jennifer aston zbrushsculpts

Some sculpts from ZBrush. For the ruins I sculpted 3-4 variations of the stones and duplicate and rotated them to create the different modular pieces.

Jennifer aston zbrushraven03

Forest Ruins

"...They'd finally found a place, deep in the forest, far away from non-believers, for their summoning of The Raven..."

This started out as a project during a five week environment course in school. We worked as a group of 4 people - we all made our completely own scenes but we used the same style guide. The common thread throughout our projects were 'Raven/Bird Cult' - hence the floating raven skull in my scene.
I didn't finish my vision by the courses end so I've continued working on it for a while. I added more foliage, and created a more atmospheric environment by adding particles and movement.

This project has been a lot of trial an error. I've learned very much and I can't wait to apply my knowledge on next project.